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2018 Leadership Summit

CKenergy is seeking students to participate in the 2018 Oklahoma’s Electric Cooperatives Leadership Summit to be held Saturday, January 27, 2018, at the Chesapeake Finish Line Tower in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District. This annual event is designed to excite and motivate high school students to become leaders of their communities. Two students will be selected from the CKEC service area to attend the Leadership Summit and CKEC will provide both students with a $250 scholarship.

Thirty students, representing Oklahoma’s Electric Cooperatives will be attending the event.  Almost 500 Oklahoma high school students have been recognized for their leadership abilities by having the opportunity to attend one of the previous leadership summits. The January 27 program will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will feature energetic and motivating leadership expert, Rhett Laubach, owner of Edmond-based YourNextSpeaker! “The Leadership Summit program is unique in its design and truly provides an unforge…

Energy Camp | 2018

Each year, CKenergy Electric Cooperative joins Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives and electric cooperatives from across the state in sponsoring the Youth Power Energy Camp at Camp Canyon near Hinton, OK.  The camp slated for May 29- June 1, 2018, is designed to help students develop leadership skills while having lots of fun.
Energy Camp focuses its leadership qualities and learning opportunities on the great outdoors. Campers enjoy a four day stay in the beautiful Canyon Camp area east of Hinton, Oklahoma. Eighth-grade students who are just beginning to understand the need for great leaders are a perfect fit for Energy Camp.
While at the camp, the teens attend sessions on energy, electrical safety, and rural electric careers. They also elect their own board of directors and operate a coke and candy cooperative. Other special activities include hands-on electrical demonstrations, pole-climbing and bucket truck rides, a ropes course, swimming, an energy battle tournament, an…

College is just around the corner... Are you ready?

Are you ready for college? Do you even feel like you’re ready for college? I can tell you right now that you are, even if you don’t believe it. Going off to college can seem intimidating right now, but just know, once you’re there it’ll all be worth it!
There’s a lot that goes into prepping for college. You’ve got to apply to schools, scholarships, find a roommate, get your books and supplies, etc. Here are a few tips that are hopefully helpful as you prepare to take on the next chapter of your life:

When you’re picking out what schools to apply for, think about what they have to offer that makes you feel the most comfortable. It could be the town it’s located in, the class sizes, 2-year college vs. a 4-year university, how far away from home it is, etc. The more comfort factors you find in a college, the more likely you are to enjoy the time spent there. Think about what kind of classes you would like to take. You don’t have to pick a major right off the bat, but having an idea of wha…

Youth Tour Reflections: The Road to Self Discovery

For many teens, the Rural Electric Youth Tour is full of “firsts.” It may be the first time they left the state, flew on a plane, visited the nation’s capital or have been away from their family for an extended period of time. Even more are seeing and experiencing the larger world through their own eyes, rather than through their parents’ perspective. That’s the most important first, as it’s truly a “leap” to their next phase and where their journey to adulthood begins.
In preparation for Youth Tour, teens learn about cooperatives, our history and grassroots advocacy. Youth Tour sprang from a suggestion of then Senator Lyndon Johnson to a national gathering of co-ops. Johnson felt youth from rural areas would benefit by visiting Washington to see first-hand how government works and gain a wider perspective through the experience. From this idea, Youth Tour evolved. High school juniors selected by their electric co-ops participate in a weeklong trip to the nation’s capital. The program…